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Enable Global Trade For A Growing

To stay ahead in today's global marketplace, your business needs a logistics partner that connects you to suppliers, vendors and customers anywhere in the world – Aman World Logistics is that partner. We provideOne Stop Shoppingin all things connected to Logistics.

Our service include :
1. Freight (both air, sea, and inland)
2. Customs clearance
3. Delivering
4. Dooring
5. Warehousing

So your business grows furthermore in an efficient and effective ways.

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We Are Proud Of Our Long History

PT. Aman World Logistics started out as one of forwarding company located in Surabaya, Indonesia and has over more than 13 years of experiences. The word “Aman” (in Indonesia) means : You areSAFEwith us, we got your back, we got your shipments secure.

The company itself was established on March 18th 2008 and started with less than five persons only in early years of operation. Now we are growing and continue to equip ourselves with variety of skills and knowledge. We expert in handling both air, sea, FCL, LCL, customs, and inland transportation. We have partner agents across the world to support your business wherever you have trading with.

Vision, Mission & Values
Our Vision

Be customer’s best and trusted partner in global trade and logistics

Our Mission

Facilitate customer’s trade through efficient & effective way and on time solutions

Our Values

Professionalism, integrity, teamwork, and passion

The Complete Solution With International Experience.
Sea Freight

Deliver to Every Corner

Road Freight

Safe and Fast

Air Freight

Reasonable & Affordable


Large Capacity

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Ruko Harbour 9, Jl. Gresik No. 10 - 16, Blok E-2, Surabaya

Phone: +62-31-99097979

Free To Ask Something Here

Ruko Harbour 9, Jl. Gresik No. 10 - 16, Blok E-2, Surabaya

Phone: +62-31-99097979